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When we support each other, we go further. Whether you’re participating in a fun run, hosting a bake sale or climbing a mountain, every bit of support goes a long way towards helping us find new treatments and cures for disease.

No matter what your passion is, or if you’re fundraising as an individual, school or community group, we want to help you achieve your fundraising goals!

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Your support makes breakthroughs possible.

We all know someone affected by disease and – like you – wish there were better treatment options. But new discoveries won’t make themselves! Our scientists have the passion and drive, but it takes everyone – you included – to help transform these discoveries into lifesaving cures.

As a charity, the Malaghan Institute is owned by New Zealanders, for New Zealanders. That means every bit of support your raise for the Malaghan goes towards our research. By supporting the Malaghan, you're supporting the research that will one day lead to a cure.

Thank you! 

It only takes three steps to start your fundraising journey! 

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However you chose to raise funds for the Malaghan, in order to get the most enjoyment out of it and make the most impact, it’s best to find something that fits for you. Remember, you can use your own skills to raise funds! Whether you’re a chef, a carpenter, a graphic designer or a lawyer, we all have unique skills and experience we can apply to fundraising. Play to your strengths and turn your bread and butter into positive change!

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To discuss your fundraising effort with our fundraising team, send us an email by clicking the link below or call 04 499 6914. You can also find some helpful information in our FAQ section.

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