Get inspired and make a difference!


However you chose to raise funds for the Malaghan, it’s best to do it YOUR way! 

Don't forget, you can use your own skills to raise funds! Whether you’re a chef, a carpenter, a graphic designer or a lawyer, we all have unique skills and experience we can apply to fundraising. Play to your strengths and turn your bread and butter into positive change!  

Challenge yourself with a physical activity or fitness goal

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Set yourself a physical challenge such as a fun run and ask friends and familty to sponsor you. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to train if it's something outside your normal active levels!

Host a bake sale or morning tea

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Fundraising never tasted so good! Hold a bake sale at your home, school or work and charge a gold coin for all your scrumptious goodies. Or, host a morning tea with friends and family and ask for a small donation to take part.

Host a charity auction

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Ask friends, local businesses or organisations to donate items and hold an auction at home, work or online. They can be items like artwork or they can be services like car washing. Feel free to get creative! 

Make sure you're clear to those attending what they're bidding on and where the proceeds will go.

Shave, cut or colour your hair

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Get sponsors to shave or colour your hair. Better yet, find a group willing to do it together in solidarity!

Host a game or quiz night

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Board games, bar games, sports games – get your group together for a fun competition and a chance to win some prizes! 

Or, flex your quiz muscles and raise some funds! 

Waxing challenge

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Mainly for the hairy ones amoung us – get sponsored to wax your legs or chest. Better yet, get your sports team to do it together and run a competition to see who can raise the most! 

Help out your neighbourhood

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Help out your neighbourhood and raise funds at the same time. Lawn mowing, weeding, dog walking – all great activities you can ask locals to support you through fees. 

Host a karaoke night

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Bust out the mic and your best Elvis impression to raise some funds. 

Movie night

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Gather your friends and ask them to donate towards watching a classic on the silver screen. Even better, you could do a home movie night! Find a projector and a blank wall, or even stringing up a white sheet on a clothes line makes a great impromptu screen!

Fundraise at the office

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Get permission first – but you can place collection boxes around work for people to donate to. Just make sure you make it clear what they’re donating towards! 

If you're after something more, you can host a fun dress up day at work! Get people at your workplace to dress up for the occasion, with prizes and awards for the best/wackiest dress. 

In lieu

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In place of a gift for a special occasion, ask friends and family to donate to the Malaghan instead. The Good Registry is a great place to direct people to give a donation instead of a gift.

Go without

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Get your friends and family to sponsor you abstaining from your favourite treat or activity for a day or week.