Help our scientists harness the power of the immune system to improve human health and save lives.

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Breaking news: cancer CAR T-cell therapy phase 1 trial results.

New Zealand’s first trial of a ground-breaking cancer treatment has shown the promise of being safer than leading commercial CAR T-cell products in treating certain types of blood cancer, while remaining effective. Read the full story here

Together we can harness the power of the immune system and save lives

People we love are suffering and dying from diseases we don't know enough about. But we do know the immune system holds the key to prevention, treatment and cures.

Deeper understanding

Your support will help fundamental research to understand how to use the immune system to fight disease.

Better treatments

Your support will help our sceintists develop new immunotherapies to more effectively treat disease.

Fairer access

Your support will help us to take our research into the community to provide treatment options for all.

 Help to put an end to disease as we know it.

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