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My March for Myeloma

Sunday 27th Feb
Super grateful to have the opportunity to support such a great cause and help the research Car-T cell therapy in NZ. 

Colin knows me as the girl that feds the cats when his family are away 😂 but Eilidh, Vinnie and Tilly are close friends and I would do anything to support them and their whanau. My challenge is not nearly as painful as it is for those who are needing this treatment or going through their own battle.

I hope to raise money towards this great cause by rowing 64km in the month of March to support Colin. I’m not a rower and never have been so it will be a little challenge for a great cause. 

If you can donate even the smallest amount a lot of people will be extremely grateful. 

Thank you to my Sponsors




Carlyn Reed

You’re one incredible human Rach 🌈💕


Jack Grant


Rachel Grant


Paula Feathers

Thankyou Rach 🥰🥰🥰!


Nadine Amorangi

Kia kaha Rachel!!


Mrs Jen Squire

Good Luck x


John Wootton

Hi Rachel Happy to donate Cheers


Catherine Ballin


Sharon Arrell

Go Rachel. What a great cause. All the best to Carlyn.


Sam Grant

Cheering you on! Keep up the good work! 🛶🛶


Rebecca St Clair

Good on you, Rachel!



Go Rach!!! 🤩❤️


Georgina A

Go girl!


Carl Mcmanaway