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My fundraiser

For the Month of May, I will be riding 1000km on my bike to support the Malaghan Institute and their research into the immune system. Of interest to me is the Malaghan's research into developing a New Zealand made Covid 19 vaccine. The vaccine aims to be more effective and affordable than current options and it is exciting that human trials are due to start by the end of the year (see link below).  As a cancer survivor and someone who is immune compromised, I see the need for a more effective vaccine and one that is developed right here in New Zealand. I am asking everyone to show their support by sponsoring me and donating to the Malaghan Institute via this fundraising page.

Why the Malaghan: 

The Malaghan Institute of Medical Research is helping to find new solutions to diseases such as cancer, developing better treatment options for allergic and inflammatory diseases including asthma and ensuring we are better protected against infectious diseases such as Covid-19.

If we can better understand how our immune system fights infection, we can develop more effective, longer-lasting ways to prevent, treat and cure it. The Malaghan Institute’s vaccine research is focused on understanding how immune cells respond to threats such as viruses, bacteria or parasites so we can identify new ways to boost the protectiveness of our immune system.

Not everyone responds the same way to a vaccine. Safeguarding our community from infectious diseases like COVID-19 means ensuring everyone is equally protected. The Malaghan Institute has been working on developing a new Covid-19 vaccine here in New Zealand that aims to be more effective and affordable than current options. 

Learn more about the Malaghan Institute’s work into infectious diseases:




Celebrating my fundraising achievements to support life-saving research

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My Updates

Last day of May for Malaghan

Tuesday 31st May
Thankyou to all who've donated to my Fundraiser for Malaghan Institute. I cycled 1150km n have raised $225 to date. 
My page is open till Sunday 5 June.
I had to forego the last 4 days as was in hospital with a Brain issue.
May is also Brain Tumor Awareness month.
Louise Curtis 🚴‍♀️😎

1150km done but have to stop!

Sunday 29th May
1150km completed for my fundraising efforts, surpassing 1000km goal. Unfortunately on Friday 27th i had a mini Stroke n have to take it easy for rest of May. Louise Curtis 🚴‍♀️😎

865km for Malaghan

Sunday 15th May
Been a Challenging week w pain n fatigue. I've cycled 865km for MI, 315km to go.
The wind is never in a cyclists favour!

Rain or Shine!

Monday 9th May
Pouring with rain today, but I'm out there cycling for the cause.
When your legs get tired, cycle with your heart.
Have done 450km in the last 9 days 🚴‍♀️😎

Day 1- May 1st

Sunday 1st May
Windy start to the day, cycled round Miramar Peninsular n into the gym. Completed 3 cycle classes then home again. 
Much needed mocha on way home. 94km today.

May for Malaghan

Thursday 7th Apr
I am cycling 1000km for Malaghan Institute over the month of May to raise funds for their Covid Vaccine.
I have been fundraising for Malaghan since 2014 after an Awake Craniotomy for a Brain Tumor that turned  out to be Cancer in 2013. This was the first cycle event of many in what i  called 'The Year on my Bike'.
Please help me to support this cause.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Louise Curtis



Only just found out about this so a bit late to help you promote it, but hope more people support you before the end of the month. Kia Kaha :-)


Edward Reid

Go Well!


Doreen Gordon

Congratulations Louise, too old now to do what you are doing but I am with you all the way.


Rob Wormald

Best of luck Louise