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Charlie, Michael and Paddy: Murphing for Myeloma

Colin MacDonald was diagnosed with a nasty blood cancer a few years back - Multiple Myeloma. Colin is Annie (Charlie's girlfriend and good mate of Michael and Paddy)'s dad. He's been an absolute trooper, working his way through multiple treatments with gruelling and at times life-threatening side effects (you can read Colin's full story here:

The Malaghan Institute, based right here in Wellington, have some amazing research underway into a treatment for myeloma (and other cancers) called CAR-T Cell Therapy. This therapy is a kinder, gentler approach to treating cancer. While not currently available in NZ, it has shown promising results during trials and is already used extensively overseas with amazing results.

To raise money for the Malaghan Institute to allow them to keep researching this treatment and hopefully make it available to people like Colin, we're taking part in the March for Myeloma (with a twist).

The aim for March for Myeloma is to walk or run 64km in the month of March (Colin is turning 64 in March). To spice things up a bit we're going to do a Murph for Myeloma - that's a 1 mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats, before finishing with another 1 mile run.

We'll be training through March and doing the Murph on the first weekend of April.

We'll also be sharing updates on the March for Myeloma Instagram page so you're welcome to give that a follow!

If you'd like to support - please hit the donate button. Equally, if you'd like to take part in March for Myeloma you can click 'Join us' on the page. This will create your own page for you to start raising funds - all pages are linked to Colin's main one, and the money pools together.

Thanks everyone and happy marching and/or Murphing

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All the best


Greg Jennings

Fantastic initiative, all the best with the Murph Charlie & co - good on you!


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Good luck team!


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Good luck guys!


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Paula Feathers

You are crazy but also fantastic 😊!


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Rather you than me! Thanks for doing your bit - T-Cell sounds really promising and cool to see the smart people at Malaghan involved.


Claire Mules

Nice one!


Sarah Hughes

I would pay money to not have to think about doing a single press up let alone this God awful sounding regime. Good luck!



Awesome stuff Chuck, love your work mate.


Hugo Miler


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Fantastic fellas!



Good on ya boys!! xx



All the best brother 😊


Brian Henaghan

What a way to go! Fantastic



Great stuff. Go well


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