March for Myeloma 2023

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March for Myeloma 2023
As a cancer sufferer who has endured many grueling cancer treatments over the years, I’m all too aware that we need kinder, more accessible and more effective cancer treatment options in New Zealand.

CAR T-cell therapy is an exciting new approach to cancer treatment which is both gentler and more effective than traditional treatments.  I want to support further clinical research and help ensure other cancer sufferers like me can access this treatment.

(Some will already know my cancer story.  If not you can read it here.)

March for Myeloma 2023 is our fundraising idea which builds on the success of our campaign in 2022 when we raised over $35k during the month of March. And this is where I need your help. More about the fundraising below, but first….. 

What is CAR T-cell Therapy?

 CAR T-cell therapy is an exciting new development in the treatment of blood cancers and potentially other solid tumour cancers. Already this treatment is showing very promising results overseas not only with effectively beating the cancer but providing long term protection years after treatment.  And in addition to achieving better results, it is a kinder, gentler approach to cancer treatment. 

If you are keen to further understand how CAR T-cell therapy works, click here

But here is the REALLY GOOD news….The Malaghan Institute has brought this therapy to New Zealand!

The Malaghan Institute
are a registered charity who are committed to finding gentler and better cancer treatments through their research into the immune system and to making these treatments accessible to all New Zealanders.  And as a charity, the Malaghan’s research is heavily reliant on support from the community.


CAR T-cell Phase 1 trial: Results to be announced later this year!
In January 2023 the Malaghan treated the 21st and final patient in the first phase of their CAR T-cell therapy trial ENABLE, which kicked off in 2019. This is a major milestone and the results of this first phase are expected to be released later this year. We obviously can’t announce results until the study is officially completed, but what I can say is that there will be some exciting news to report. Watch this space…..!

This Phase I success means they are now ready to gear up for Phase II of the trial where they hope to scale up and aim to treat all eligible cancer patients, giving many others access to this potentially life-saving treatment.

The goal for the Malaghan is to have CAR T-cell treatment as a standard of care in New Zealand hospitals within the next three years. 

This is BIG NEWS. It means that people like me in the future will have more treatment options available, without having to consider the drastic (and likely prohibitively expensive) option of going overseas.  Some will be familiar with the David Downs story where he did go overseas for CAR T-cell treatment and is now considered cured of his (previously described as terminal) blood cancer.  Watch David’s film - A Mild Touch of Cancer.


March for Myeloma 2023: the details 

Last year you may remember I walked 64k during March and before my 64th birthday on 27th March. This March and before my 65th birthday, I’m going to walk 65 miles, (yes MILES so that’s 104 kilometres) and, once again, the rest of the whānau are supporting me by walking or running that distance over the month. 


Ben the rescue puppy is all grown up!

You may also remember Ben the rescue puppy who joined me on these walks.  Well, Ben has now grown into the most handsome fellow and is more than keen to join me in this new challenge. I’ll be posting photos to map our progress over the month.


Ways you can support me

1.      Sponsor me or a family member.  You can donate to the Malaghan Institute via this fundraising page.

2.      Send this link to your network.

3.      Join the challenge and set yourself the goal of walking or running 65 miles (or a distance of your choice) over March.

4.      Do some other sponsored challenge - our daughter Annie’s partner Charlie McLean is doing ‘Murph for Myeloma’ which is some insane Crossfit challenge. Learn more about it here

If you are interested in joining the March for Myeloma challenge, click the ‘join now’ button at the top of this page to join the team, create your own fundraising page and share with your own networks.

A first for Aotearoa NZ!

All the money raised will go to the Research arm of the Institute to further research into CAR T-Cell therapy. It will help to ensure the scientists at the Malaghan have the funding they need to start the Phase II trial. This will be a first for NZ – we aim to ensure every eligible cancer patient in Aotearoa NZ can access this new and potentially lifesaving therapy!

Although this treatment is not currently available for multiple myeloma in New Zealand, we need to invest in the future if these treatments are ever going to be available here.

I have kickstarted the fund by donating $650 - $10 for every mile!

We’d love you to join me, Ben and the rest of the whānau by donating or taking part.


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My Updates

Getting ready to go!

Saturday 25th Feb
Ben and I are keen to get started!

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