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Run for Research Join Us

Run for Research!

My face says it all. I can’t quite believe it but I'm gonna run my butt off to support some pretty awesome people and their lifesaving research. Will you help me?

I’m constantly blown away by the passion and drive my workmates show on the daily uncovering new ways to treat disease. I see how hard they work, and how big a difference even a little support goes towards improving their research outcomes. 

That’s why I’m part of #teamMalaghan this Round the Bays. 

Team Malaghan is made up of all sorts of people within the Malaghan Institute - from scientists and technologists to admin and fundraising staff. We're people from all walks of life, with different experiences and skills. What we all share in common however is a passion for finding new treatments and cures for disease! 

After all - it takes everyone to make breakthroughs possible!

You can follow Team Malaghan's progress as we prepare for the various fun runs, runs and half marathon (for the really intrepid members of the team). We'll also be sharing plenty of content on the day - so make sure you mark 20 February 2022 in your calendars!

While you're at it, please consider donating to help Team Malaghan and the Malaghan Institute go further. All donations go directly to fuelling our life-changing research, bringing us one step close to new treatments and cures.


My Updates

First official run and done

Saturday 18th Dec
First official run since starting the fundraising page! Keeping it to short 5km runs for now while I wait for my new running shoes to arrive (shin splints are the worst) but will quickly work up to 8+km in the NY!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Steph Fairless

You got this!



Good on you!


Sarah Stratton

Good luck Hamish! Look forward to seeing some pics 😅