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Can help one of our scientists cover their day-to-day costs and secure vital laboratory equipment such as test tubes, pipettes and chemical reagents.
Helps accelerate the pace of research and discovery, bringing us closer to finding new, more effective solutions to diseases such as cancer and allergic inflammatory diseases.
Can help bring discoveries made at the Malaghan Institute through to clinical trials where they have the potential to improve the lives of New Zealanders.
Can help fund a PhD student – fostering the next generation of world-leading immunologists in New Zealand.

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Together we can harness the power of the immune system and save lives

Too many of our loved ones are dying and suffering from diseases we don't know enough about. But we do know the immune system holds the key to prevention, treatment and cures.

Deeper understanding

we research to understand how to use the immune system to fight disease.

Better treatments

We develop new immunotherapies to more effectively treat disease.

Fairer access

We are committed to taking our research into the community to provide treatment options for all.

Yasmin Nouri is part of our cancer research team, looking to find a cure to the disease taking too many of our loved ones.

PhD students like Yasmin Nouri are funded by generous people like you, to pay for things like living costs, study fees, and the equipment needed to support her research into cancer immunotherapies. It is only with your support that our scientists have the chance to make significant medical discoveries.

“I really wouldn’t be able to carry out my PhD without the backing of generous individuals – it’s a huge support not just for me, but for the rest of the cancer CAR T-cell team. 

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